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Easter – A Celebration of Joy and New Beginnings

A Festival of Traditions, Rituals, and the Magic of Spring

Celebrate Easter at our Sustainable Hotel in Austria, surrounded by nature and traditions. Experience a festival filled with love, hope, and joy, that heralds the beginning of spring with age-old customs such as painting Easter eggs and going for Easter walks. Discover the universal message of renewal and appreciate the beauty of life in all its aspects. The perfect retreat for families and anyone wishing to consciously experience the spring.

Easter, a festival deeply rooted in tradition, finds its origins in both the pagan festival of Ostara and the Jewish Passover. It is a time that celebrates love, hope, and life itself. It reminds us that after every winter comes spring, a time when nature awakens to new life. This message of renewal and hope is universal. Our Sustainable Hotel in Austria offers the perfect retreat to consciously experience the beginning of spring.

For many, Easter is inseparably linked to certain customs – from painting Easter eggs to Easter bonfires and walks. Especially for children, Easter is a festival of joy. The excitement of the Easter egg hunt, the fun of discovering and collecting, and the stories and legends associated with it.

Ultimately, Easter is a festival of joie de vivre, reminding us to enjoy the beauty of life in all its facets. It is a time that encourages us to walk through the world with open hearts and to cherish the wonders that each new day brings. Celebrate Easter in the heart of nature at our Sustainable Hotel in Austria.