The rates apply for short-term vacancies in the indicated period.
If your stay neither includes a Friday nor Saturday night.

Home, what is it?

The complexity of home

Home - a term so rich in meaning and yet so personal to each individual. The classic definition of home, as offered by the Duden dictionary, describes it as the place where you were born and grew up, or a place where you feel at home because you live there permanently. But isn't home much more than just a geographical indication?

In the modern world, home has taken on a new dimension, no longer just as a place of birth, but as a place of security and well-being. The Forsters' Naturresort, your hotel in the Stubai Valley, represents precisely this modern concept of home. It is a place where guests can experience a deep connection and a sense of belonging, regardless of their actual origin. Your hotels in the Stubai Valley offer a welcoming atmosphere that is more than just accommodation - they are a home away from home where you feel safe and at home at all times.

Discover a place that is more than just an address at Forsters'Naturresort - a real home away from home.