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The colours of spring:

a painting of nature

"Spring is a painter, it paints everything," begins August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben in his poem, and with these words, he opens our eyes to the beauty of the season that immerses the world in colors only it can offer. Spring truly is an artist who does not work with brush and palette, but with blossoms, light, and life.

This year, spring is particularly in a hurry in the Stubai Valley. The trees and bushes are already in full bloom, the warm rays of the sun tickle the skin, the scent of fresh flowers fills the air, and everywhere you can hear the buzzing of bees and the chirping of birds. In our picturesque garden, right by the lakeside hotel, there is now a flurry of activity. Planting, as well as the care and pruning of plants, are in full swing.

It is a wonderful time when every walk through the garden at our lakeside hotel or a hike through the nearby woods and fields becomes a journey of discovery.

In these weeks, as nature shows off its craftsmanship, we cannot help but pause and marvel. Marvel at the beauty of spring, which unfolds anew each year and shows us what it means to live and grow.