The rates apply for short-term vacancies in the indicated period.
If your stay neither includes a Friday nor Saturday night.

Forster's Balance Programme

Everything a person needs to keep body, mind and soul healthy and in balance.

No matter what culture. No matter in which epoch. For centuries that ancient knowledge has been preserved which today appears more important than ever: body, mind and soul form a unity. Their balance is therefore of elementary importance. Based on this knowledge, and following the old monastic medicine, we have developed our balance program:

Forster's Balance Program is included in our inclusive services.

Good sleep & good food

Good sleep - Indulge the body with plenty of sleep to help regeneration. That's what you'll find with us:

  • Choice of pillows
  • Choice of mattresses
  • Forster's Herb and swiss pine pillow
  • Natural materials in the room

Good food - There is no better time to eat well than on holiday. Use this opportunity, because good food keeps body and soul together. Our dishes include:

  • Healthy and seasonal food
  • Regional (R-50 principle)
  • Homemade and well-balanced cuisine

At every dinner you will also find vegetarian and fish dishes.

Plenty of water & warm and cold in alternation

Plenty of water - A healthy body needs lots of water. If you drink enough, many ailments will disappear by themselves. You will find the following for this here:

  • Water in the room and from our drinking fountains, are directly refined from the Pinnis source using the Grander water revitalisation technique

Warm & cold in alternation - We use the effects of termperature stimuli for different treatments and for preventative health measures as well as for general all-round well-being. You will find the following for this here:

  • Six different saunas and thermal baths
  • Our private spring water bay
  • Kneipp fountain

Active in nature

Active in nature - from easy to demanding - exercise is essential for your health. You will find it with us:

  • Our activity programme runs all year round
  • Perfect starting position in summer for hiking, jogging, cycling, mountaineering, climbing, ...
  • Perfect starting point in winter for skiing, tobogganing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, ...

Clear you mind & peace and spirituality

Getting your head clear - In the context of light physical exercise, concentration lies in movement. That clears your head! We therefore offer:

  • Training with the Fascia roll
  • Guided walk along the path of reflection (in summer)
  • Very good starting position for walks in nature

Peace and Spirituality - Use the time to take a break and find the peace you need. We have the ideal place for that:

  • Our own house chapel. It welcomes everyone - with and without every faith - warmly

Herbal medicine & well-being for the body

Herbal medicine - Supporting health with the help of herbs. For this you will find with us:

  • Varied workshops on the topic of "herbs
  • Herbal walks

Well-being for the body - this is best achieved with active ingredients from the mountains. That's what you'll find with us:

  • Soothing and healing massages and body treatments
  • Cosmetic treatments