The rates apply for short-term vacancies in the indicated period.
If your stay neither includes a Friday nor Saturday night.


a gift from nature

Honey, this golden yellow nectar that drips from the spoon like liquid amber, is much more than just a sweet treat. It is a true miracle of nature. Our master beekeeper Alban ensures that our 250 bee colonies can live and work in the best possible conditions. Have you ever wondered what life in a beehive is like? During our weekly bee tour in the sauna village in Austria, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bees.

At breakfast you can enjoy Forster's blossom honey on your sandwich. Or treat yourself to a Forster's blossom honey body treatment in our sauna village in Austria.

Honey is a true gift of nature. Whether as a delicious food or as a soothing treatment, honey offers a variety of ways to increase our well-being.