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Our herb farm

Enjoy and experience nature in its purest form!

Our family has always had a great love of nature. The Kräuterhof, our herb farm - found around 180 m from our hotel - is the most beautiful expression of our relationship with nature. We bought the small farm in 2010. Over 1,000 different types of Tyrolean herbs and wild plants are organically grown here in the purest Stubai mountain air. The stimulating Alpine climate results in a higher concentration of active ingredient in the plants. Those who want to learn more about this are more than welcome in the Kräuterhof in Austria.

Forster’s Kräuterhof

A fascinating gem for our guests arose in one of the most beautiful places in the Stubai Valley within just two years: the Forster’s Kräuterhof. Unlike every other herb farm in Austria, the building was of course erected in the style of the farmhouses of the Stubai Valley, with which we have a very strong connection. The farm shop, the show kitchen, the tasting room as well as the smoking chamber inside provide an impressive experience for the senses. The herb-strewn hills which surround the farm create yet more opportunities for encounters, shared activities, fun and space to reflect. The nature and herb garden is a place for almost unlimited freedom and peace. There is a small chapel on the hill dedicated to St. Francis, which is perfect for contemplation and reflection.

Nina's farm shop

There is a fine selection of homemade and regional delicacies to take back home in our farm shop. We are proud of the origins of these specialities right from the heart of our farm: the kitchen. Our guests can get a look at how the homemade products are produced and find out interesting facts about the use of herbs and the effect they have in special teas. Another place of origin for a particular Tyrolean specialty is the farm's smoking chamber. Here, Christoph himself smokes seasoned Forster bacon according to his own recipe which can be tasted with cheese matured at the Forster’s Alpine hut and homemade bread. A fabulous experience all-round on the loveliest herb farm in Austria.

Tasting evening

The region offers a variety of hearty specialties which we hope you get to know a little bit better as our guest here. At the same time, we adhere to the R50 principle. A simple philosophy lies behind it. We regularly prepare food and other agricultural products or special specialities for you, which have been produced within a radius of 50 kilometres around our hotel in Neustift in the Stubai Valley and are typical for our region. Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to weekly tasting sessions in our herb farm, depending on the season. We combine homemade specialities with other tasty delights from the Stubai Valley. You will experience an amazing variety of pleasures which will always lead you to new discoveries – unique for a herb farm in Austria.

Meeting point for lovers of nature, herbs and cooking

The kitchen in our Kräuterhof is not only a place to see how the regional and herb specialities are made, it has also been a place where you can take part from its very beginnings. It was meant from the outset to be a place of hands-on involvement. Throughout the year, Nina hosts seasonable events, such as herb tours with plenty of interesting facts and traditional knowledge about ointment, salt, oil, vinegar and tea production, bread baking and much more. Of course, with ingredients from our herb garden and with regional products. You are therefore able to take the knowledge of how these specialities are produced back home with you and can magic yourself up a small piece of holiday heaven anytime you want in your everyday life.

Hotel chapel

We were looking for a suitable place with plenty of energy and radiance for our very own chapel. We found this on the herb hill next to the herb farm. Our guests will find a place to reflect, contemplate and develop their spirituality here. In terms of the architecture, the chapel is based on the classic yet simple style of the Tyrolean Stubai Valley. The simplicity is down to its namesake: St. Francis. His abandonment of material wealth, his great social commitment and his love of animals and nature are still captivating to this date and are the source of inspiration for our family. You will not find this on any other herb farm in Austria!

Exhibition stable and fallow deer enclosure

Anyone who loves mother nature surely also loves her creatures. And of course, you will find many of them on our Kräuterhof in Austria. The stable next to the herb farm is a comfortable home to our brown Tyrolean mountain sheep. You are just as welcome to stroke their brown wool as you are our bunnies. The smallest of our guests just love to nose around.

Clearly visible from the herb farm and only approx. 12 minutes from the hotel, the inhabitants of our fallow deer enclosure are ready to provide our guests with many memorable animal moments. It is usually the case that you hear them before you even see the first allow deer bucks. One thing is for sure, it is very hard to escape these charming animals with such pleasant personalities. Feeding is definitely allowed!