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Sacred Heart of Jesus fire

Stubai mountains in flames

It is probably one of the oldest living customs of all: the lighting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus fire, which is celebrated on the third Saturday after Pentecost. On the evening of 8 June 2024, the Stubai mountains will once again be ablaze. These fires, often in the shape of crosses or hearts, are an impressive cultural event and symbolise the faith and cultural identity of the people in this region. It is a custom that has retained its significance and magic over the centuries.   

Originally, the Sacred Heart of Jesus bonfires go back to the midsummer bonfires. In 1796, however, they were reinterpreted in memory of the Sacred Heart vow. The fires glow into the night and offer a majestic sight, which can be seen particularly well from our terrace at the Naturhotel. Be there when the Stubai mountains are ablaze. Our nature hotel offers you the perfect opportunity to experience this impressive spectacle up close.